Let me tell you how our mental health CIC came to be, with me, Mark Jackson, as one of the founding directors.

It all started with some sad news that got me thinking: why not have support groups available every day, not just on certain days?

I’m deeply involved with Andys Man Club and pretty well-known around town, so when I saw a meeting advertised by the Town Council, I knew I had to speak up. I shared my idea and had a chat with some local councillors to see what they thought.

My pitch seemed to strike a chord with everyone there, and suddenly, ideas were bouncing around like crazy. The Mayor of Askern, Jake Keeble, was quick to offer his full support, and Oliver Ketley, a local business owner and firefighter, was eager to jump in, initially with setting up a website.

So, Jake, Oliver, and I got together and decided to take things up a notch by setting up a CIC. We figured it’d help us not only run our own events but also support other small groups in the area that might be struggling for funds.

We have dived headfirst into the community, making connections, and joining in with local events whenever we can.

Our big dream? To spread our support groups beyond our town and reach as many folks as possible. We’re all about changing lives and bringing hope to those who need it most. So, if you want to follow along with our journey, keep your eyes peeled!


Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a community where mental health support is accessible every day of the week through our collaborative efforts. While we may not directly host peer to peer groups seven days a week, we are dedicated to supporting and empowering other organisations to fill that gap. By providing assistance, resources, and guidance to local groups, we aim to enable a network of support that operates seamlessly, ensuring individuals have access to help they need, whenever they need it. Together, we strive to cultivate a future where hope is woven into every interaction, fostering resilience and empowerment on the journey towards mental well-being. 


Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson


The skills I believe that I can bring to The Jackson Hope Foundation are I am comfortable in both listening and talking to people on all different levels. I’m comfortable in asking, asking and asking again. It’s often been said I can talk the leg off a hind donkey!. I have in the past been a school governor and a trustee for NGDT trust.

I’m comfortable organising and leading or taking part in fundraising events as well as promoting causes. I want to give more and be able to use my experience as I am passionate about mental health needs.

Mental health affects us all and it’s present in everything we do, we need to change the stigma and support each other.

My dreams for the CIC are global and can’t wait for what the future holds for us.

Jake Keeble

Jake Keeble


Volunteering and helping others has always been intrinsic to my identity. As the current Mayor of Askern, I am committed daily to enhancing the lives of those in our community and beyond.

With a background in adapting to change, problem-solving, and upholding integrity in governance, I believe these skills complement those of the board of trustees.

Together, we bring a diverse range of lived experiences that drive us to champion this charity, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to live a life with good mental health.

I firmly believe in the power of manifestation and I am excited about the potential we have to achieve together.

Oliver Ketley

Oliver Ketley


As a firefighter and local small business owner, I bring a unique perspective to my role as a director. With a deep-rooted passion for serving others, I am committed to making a tangible difference in our community.

Driven by a desire to give back, I have dedicated myself to both serving and entrepreneurship, understanding firsthand the importance of support and hope. Through my experiences, I have cultivated a strong sense of empathy and a determination to effect positive change.

In my role as a director, I am eager to leverage my skills and insights to support initiatives that promote mental wellbeing.

Together with my fellow directors, I am committed to building a brighter, more hopeful future for those we serve.