Introducing The Men’s Hope Hub – A Mens Peer-To-Peer Support Group

The Jackson Hope Foundation, a beacon of support in mental health advocacy, announces the launch of a new initiative tailored for the men of Askern and surrounding villages. Introducing the Men’s Hope Hub, a peer-to-peer support group aimed at providing a safe space for men to share, connect, and find solace in their mental health journeys.

Founded by The Jackson Hope Foundation, renowned for its commitment to mental health awareness and support, the Men’s Hope Hub seeks to break down barriers and stigma surrounding men’s mental health issues.

Starting Wednesday 17th April, and continuing every Wednesday from 7-9pm, men are invited to join these transformative sessions hosted at the Westfield Community Center in Askern.

The Jackson Hope Foundation emphasises the importance of community-driven support systems in fostering resilience and empowerment among men facing mental health challenges.

For those in need of understanding and solidarity, the Men’s Hope Hub offers a beacon of light in the darkness. Join us at the Westfield Community Center and let’s navigate this journey together.

Location: Westfield Crescent Communal Hall, Westfield Crescent, Askern, Doncaster DN6 0LQ