Rock Out for a Cause: Askern Music Festival Teams Up with The Jackson Hope Foundation to Amplify Mental Health Awareness

The Jackson Hope Foundation is excited to announce Askern Music Festival as our latest sponsor.

Research shows that music can profoundly impact our mental health, reducing stress and improving mood. This makes the upcoming Askern Music Festival, with its diverse lineup including a special performance by the legendary Billy Ocean, an ideal partner in our mission to promote mental wellness. Billy Ocean, who has been vocal about the importance of mental health, notably contributed to a significant mental health initiative in 2021, using his music to raise awareness and support for mental well-being.

Billy Ocean’s involvement is particularly inspiring; his dedication to mental health advocacy complements his soulful music, which has the power to heal and uplift.

Mark Jackson, Trustee of The Jackson Hope Foundation, highlighted the synergy between music and mental health advocacy, stating, “Music connects us and can be a powerful tool in healing. We’re excited to reach more people and foster open conversations about mental health through this partnership.”

We are immensely thankful to everyone involved – from the organizers to the future attendees – for supporting this milestone in our journey towards a stigma-free society. Let’s look forward to making this event a success and continue to change lives through the power of music and community support.